The musical solution for every space

Ecclesia organs are played around the world in churches, concert halls, conservatories, theaters, auditoria and other large venues, for congregational singing, choir rehearsals and concerts.

A durable solution is assured

The three models in the Ecclesia series vary in scope and capabilities, providing a musical solution for every space. The organs can also be fully customized to suit the venue in which they are to be installed. Thanks to the extremely high quality standards that Johannus imposes on all of its Ecclesia organs, you are assured of a durable solution.


  • 3 models
  • 35, 43 or 56 stops
  • 12 unique reverbs
  • 2 or 3 manuals
  • DS-Core technology
Ec cle sia

The Ecclesia interacts with its surroundings

To get the very best out of the Ecclesia organs, the instruments are completely tailored to suit the space in which they are to be installed. For example, whether an Ecclesia organ is to be installed in a small, upholstered theater or a cathedral with lots of marble makes a huge difference. During the installation of the instrument, a certified voicer adjusts the sound of the organ to optimize the interaction between the organ and the acoustics of the space.

The three different stoplists turn registration into sensation

With a choice of three different stoplists, the Ecclesia series offers ample options when it comes to registration. The balanced stoplists are made up of stops that Johannus has hand-picked and recorded. The stops are from organs from around the world, and are sampled in accordance with the highest quality standards.

An inspiring and authentic experience

DS-Core, the advanced operating system at the heart of the Ecclesia and other organs, ensures that all of the Ecclesia’s different stops yield a sound of unprecedented quality. This makes playing an Ecclesia organ an incredibly inspiring and authentic experience.

The six sample styles bring music of every era to life

The Ecclesia always comes with two sample styles of your choice. If desired, this can be expanded to include as many as six different styles: romantic (Dutch and English), baroque (North German and South German) and symphonic (French and American). Because all three stoplists can be played in the six different styles, the Ecclesia offers sophisticated options for the performance of organ works.

Real Time Sampling ensures authentic pipe organ sounds

Johannus records renowned pipe organs key by key using its innovative high-end Real-time Sampling technology. The authenticity of the original pipe organ resounds in every note played on the Ecclesia series. The use of advanced technologies such as the Dynamic Bellows Simulator, LiveTune™ and Dynamic Chiff only serves to reinforce this experience. The result is an organ that blends perfectly into its space and behaves like a true pipe organ.

Fills every corner of the venue

The Ecclesia series comes with high-quality amplifiers and loudspeakers, as well as an impressive bass, so that the build-up from foundation stops to overtones forms a rich, balanced and powerful sound. Whether you are playing in a cathedral, a concert hall or a theater, the true-to-life pipe organ sounds will fill every corner of the venue.

Lightning-fast startup thanks to DS-Core technology

Ecclesia organs come with DS-core technology that turns them into reliable instruments that always start up smoothly, can be played right away and can switch between organ styles just as rapidly.

Digitaal onderdeel van orgel

Multiple organists can play the same organ comfortably

The high-quality samples are stored using advanced NAND flash memory, and can therefore be accessed immediately once the organ has been turned on or the desired stoplist has been selected. This results in a smooth, comfortable experience when an organ is used by multiple organists, even if they play in different organ styles.

The organist focuses purely on the music

Both beginner and advanced organists will be able to find their way around the Ecclesia organ in no time at all. The instrument offers numerous possibilities, yet its interface and design are extremely user-friendly and accessible. The many features are simple and clear to operate, both by means of the many thumb pistons and the menu. The user-friendly design also enables the organist to focus completely on the musical process both before and while playing.

Extra solo and orchestral stops take the organ to the next level

In addition to the sampled pipe organ stops, the Ecclesia series also features an optional Solo Package and Symphony Package. These additional packages consist of high-quality and true-to-life solo and orchestral stops that offer the organist boundless possibilities for enriching their playing with all kinds of stops. In addition to solo stops such as violin, trumpet, flute and oboe, there are also complete string, brass and woodwind ensembles available. Four extra stops are already preprogrammed by default.

The design can be customized to suit the venue

Customizing the Ecclesia organ to suit the venue is about more than just the interplay between sound and acoustics. For example, the design of the instrument can be tailored to suit the surroundings and the wishes of the organist. This includes options such as the color of the organ, the design of the pedal board, or the type of manuals.

Discover the Ecclesia series



Magnificent interpretation of the entire sound spectrum

The two-manual Ecclesia T-255 comes with 35 stops that can be operated by means of illuminated stop tabs. The instrument’s balanced 6.1 audio system magnificently interprets the entire sound spectrum.

35 stops

12 unique reverbs

2 manuals

6.1 audio system


€ 21.295,-

Ecc lesia



Elevating congregational singing to a new level

With its 43 illuminated drawknobs and three manuals, the Ecclesia D-355 is capable of elevating congregational singing in larger spaces to a new level. The instrument’s well-equipped stop panels give the player the feeling of playing a true pipe organ.

43 stops

12 unique reverbs

3 manuals

8.2 audio system


€ 28.495,-

Ecc lesia



Powerhouse with 12.2 audio system

This powerful all-rounder with its 12.2 audio system really comes into its own in larger spaces.

56 stops

12 unique reverbs

3 manuals

12.2 audio system


€ 32.795,-

Ecc lesia