Introduction concert organ

The pearl of the Feike Asma hall

The Feike Asma hall is a household name in our building. And not least because of the beautiful Monarke organ that has been in this hall for many years. However, it is time for something new. On this page, we take you through the story of the development of our new Monarke concert organ: the Sound of Excellence.

Dreaming the Sound of Excellence

In this video, Marco van de Weerd looks back at the first moment the sound of the Monarke organ was heard in the concert hall: during the opening of the building. He also looks forward to the new organ for the concert hall; the Sound of Excellence.

Designing the Sound of Excellence

In this video, Goos van Kuilenburg shows how he went about designing the new organ's console. He also explains the selection process of the materials used to build the organ.

Building the Sound of Excellence

In this video, Bertus van Wijk talks about the construction of the new concert organ, explaining the building and assembling process of the different parts of the instrument and mentioning the three types of wood used in its manufacture.

Selecting the Sound of Excellence

In this video, Bertus Lap talks about a hidden but crucial part of the instrument: the audio system. He explains the complexity of the audio plan which will be incorporated in the front and reveals more about development and new disposition of this organ. He also tells about two beautiful sample sets that will be playable on the instrument: the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam and the Bovenkerk in Kampen.

Optimizing the Sound of Excellence

In this video, Vincent van Os talks about the process of preparing for the installation of the new organ in the concert hall. He shows how the old speakers are removed to make room for the new speakers.

Explaining the Sound of Excellence

In this video, Leendert Jan talks about the new organ built for the concert hall: a Monarke. He explains how the Monarke allows for an almost complete customisation according to the client’s wishes, making a dream come true.

Developing the Sound of Excellence

In this video, René van de Weerd talks about the technology behind the construction of the new Monarke concert organ, and insists on all the critical aspects of a high-quality organ, including scalability, reliability, and robustness.

Assembling the Sound of Excellence

In this video, Evert Jan Dalhuisen talks about the process after the organ arrives at Johannus. This process consists of several steps: first the assembly, then the first test phase, then a finishing phase in which all parts are placed on the organ, and finally a final extensive test phase to make sure everything works as expected.