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Elevates the choir

With its three manuals and disposition of 43 stops, the Opus C-360 is a wonderful instrument for small rooms seating up to 150 people. The organ is specifically tailored to the singing choir, inspiring both singers and organist with pipe organ sound of the highest quality. The 4.1 audio system ensures that the sound blends harmoniously with the room.


Authentic pipe organ stops come to life

The Opus Choir features four sample styles: romantic, symphonic, baroque and historic. In each style, stops from specific pipe organs come to life. For example, the romantic sample bank features stops exclusively from the Vater-Müller organ of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. In the symphonic sample bank, the organist hears the sounds of Adema (Raalte) and Cavaillé-Coll (Paris). The historic sample bank breathes the Hinsz organ of the Bovenkerk in Kampen and the baroque sample bank consists solely of samples from the Silbermann organ from the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden. Whatever music is being played or sung, this organ always sets the right tone and gives a true pipe organ experience.

Endless variation with the style-variable disposition

To do justice to each stop and each style, a disposition was chosen which links specific stops to a particular style. Some tab stops therefore have two stop names.For instance, in the ‘historic’ style, not only can the Terzian (Hinsz organ, Kampen) be played, but also a Cornet can be played in the romantic, baroque and symphonic styles using the same tab stop. In the baroque style, each manual has a full Principal choirs are completely present, making the plenum grand and radiant. The Flûte Harmonique and Violon 8' are included in the symphonic style. Thus, the Opus Choir ensures that the organist can vary endlessly and showcase the unique sounds of each different style.

A powerful 4.1 audio system to suit the room

All rooms are not created equal. That is why the Opus Choir is available in two versions: an 'external version' where the loudspeakers are placed in the room, and an 'internal version' where the loudspeakers and subwoofer are placed inside the organ. In both cases, the powerful 4.1 audio system ensures a beautiful distribution of sound, so that everyone feels surrounded by lifelike sound.  

Tailored to the smaller space

Our designers designed the Opus Choir with one specific purpose: to accompany singing in rooms seating up to 150 people. To ensure the very best sound, the instrument is voiced by a specialist to make best use of the acoustics of the room in which it is installed. As a result, the Opus Choir is and remains an inspiration for organist, conductor and congregation.

Reliable, lightning-fast technology

The Opus Choir is based on OranjeCore+ technology. This technology guarantees a fast start-up time: turn the organ on and it is immediately playable. Also, its excellent sound quality and long-term reliability contribute to the organist’s confidence in the instrument. For the organist who likes to prepare with headphones, the Opus Choir offers an immersive stereo experience. The ambience function also allows the organist to choose from which position in the church the sound is experienced: from the organ bench, or from the front, centre or back of the church. In short, the Opus Choir guarantees stable technology, lots of possibilities and a beautiful sound.

A suitable reverb for every room

Some chapels have wonderful acoustics in which the sound of the organ can spread. However, this is not the case in every room. The Opus Choir is therefore equipped with a lifelike, advanced convolution reverb. Thanks to ingenious engineering by Johannus engineers, the organ reverb has as many as 48,000 reflections per second. The more reflections, the more detailed the sound reproduction. When a key is pressed, each individual tone is enriched with the selected reverb. The organ has a total of 12 recorded reverbs from as many different churches, varying in length and spectrum.

A reliable instrument

The Opus Choir has an important and central place in the room where it is placed. It is not only the organist who counts on the instrument, but everyone who is present like singers and listeners, for instance. Therefore, the Opus Choir uses stable, reliable technology that is guaranteed to do its job for years to come. As a result of its unrivalled quality, Johannus also offers confidence and security: in addition to our standard warranty, there is a 10-year warranty on all computer boards in the organ. So, we offer a reliable organ that guarantees years of playing pleasure.

No limits for the organist

To accommodate all the registrations of those who play it, the Opus Choir has 125 memory banks with six memory slots each. This allows each organist to effortlessly store his different registrations and recall them at any time. In addition, the Opus Choir's two swell pedals are programmable: as an expression pedal (for one or both manuals), or as a general crescendo. This way, the organ can be adjusted to the taste of any organist.

Optimally suited for every space

A characteristic feature of Johannus church organs, is the unique way these instruments interact with the space they are in. Naturally, the organ will be voiced by a specialist in the room to get the best sound possible. In addition, the Opus Choir can also be matched to its surroundings in terms of design, as it is available in various colours. As standard, the instrument is equipped with a roll cover. Naturally, there are also various upgrade options, such as the choice between a straight, concave or RACO pedal, and a number of options to upgrade its keyboards.

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