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The Sonique 260 complete stoplist is simply outstanding

The two-manual Sonique 260 model brings the phenomenal sound of the pipe organ to your living room. With a wide range of sampled stops from internationally renowned pipe organs - 37 stops in total, divided between Pedal, Great and Swell divisions - this instrument brings the whole spectrum of styles to life. Baroque and romantic compositions sound just as stunning as contemporary organ music or your own improvisations.

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Technical focus

Why does Johannus opt for sampling

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How does the recording process work at Johannus

How does the real pipe organ sound come alive in our organs

How does convolution reverb work

More than a practice organ

The Sonique is Johannus' response to demands from organ enthusiasts for an affordable instrument that's also much more than a practice organ. Equipped in a console with a sleek design, the Sonique 260 has a complete disposition with authentic stops and offers the organist numerous possibilities.

Unparalleled sound reproduction with OranjeCore+

The Sonique 260 is equipped with the latest Johannus technology: OranjeCore+. This advanced system comprises an 8.1 audio system. Four channels are used for top channels and side speakers, ensuring that high tones also sound transparent and detailed, while further improving the acoustic and surround experience. With OranjeCore+, organists enjoy unparalleled sound reproduction for this class of organ, which highlights every detail of their performance.

Complete and harmonious stoplist

Of course, the Johannus sound experts paid special attention to the stoplist and voice selection of the Sonique 260 - total of 37 stops. The starting point of their search is always to compile a varied stoplist that enables players to bring the specific sounds of different styles to life. With the Sonique, we have again aimed for the highest sound level that does justice to each and every note, and offers players a complete and harmonious experience.

Experience Sonique

'Rondo (Flötenkonzert)', J. C. H. Rinck

'Meditation (Symphonie No. 1)', C. M. Widor

'Choralvorspiel 'Wir glauben all’ an einen Gott' BWV 740', J. S. Bach

'Variaties over psalm 136', H. Hoeve

Variations sur 'Plus près de toi, mon Dieu' (Nearer, My God, to Thee)

'Marche Triomphale', J. N. Lemmens

'Passacaglia', G. F. Händel

'Präludium en Fuge in g-Moll', J. S. Bach

A compact eye-catcher

Our designers also carefully considered the Sonique design. With its compact and sleek design, the organ exudes modernity, while
high-quality materials ensure that the console adds that extra touch of sophistication. The Sonique is not only a pleasure to listen to, it’s also a stylish instrument that enhances any room in which it is placed.

Extremely advanced convolution reverb

The Sonique has an extremely advanced, in-house developed convolution reverb; an ingenious technology that results in the organ using up to as many as 48,000 samples per second. The more samples, the more detailed the sound reproduction. Our extremely precise reverb recordings in world renowned churches provide a wealth of information. The Sonique showcases all this information down to the very smallest detail. When releasing a key, each individual tone is enriched with the selected reverb. The organ has a total of twelve sampled reverbs from twelve different churches, varying in length.

Two natural solo stops

As well as the sampled pipe organ voices, the Sonqiue also has two high-quality and natural solo stops: a panflute and a trumpet. This offers the organist numerous options to enrich their performance with warm panflute tones or the power sound of the trumpet. The solo stops can be accessed via thumb pistons under the second keyboard.

Advanced Digital Signal Processor

Convolution reverb is programmed on an extremely advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that’s widely used in professional sound studios. This chip is designed to obtain the very best from each sound. With reverbs varying from two to eight seconds per channel, the organ offers a realistic, acoustic experience.

New Digital Mixer technology

The Sonique is equipped with New Digital Mixer. This technology takes our audio system’s sound quality to unprecedented levels. Each audio channel is treated separately so that the internal speakers perform at their best and are working together optimally. The result is a great sound, both close to and further away from the organ.

Compelling stereo experience

For those who prefer using headphones, Johannus has a compelling stereo experience in store. The smart digital innovations ensure the Sonqiue also offers true-to-life and detailed sound reproduction when using headphones. Equalizers enable the organist to adjust the headphone sounds to their own preferences, while the true-to-life convolution reverb also gives the organist the feeling of playing in a church, chapel or cathedral.

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