Beautiful Johannus Monarke hybrid organ installation in Hanau, Germany

A Johannus team installed a beautiful Monarke Präludium Hybrid organ in the WNG's church building in Hanau, Germany, in May of this year.

This Monarke Präludium has a total of 72 stops, 25 of which have been reused from the existing "Peters" pipe organ, which dates back to the nineteen fifties. The added facades have been set up to the left and right of the organ, in the same style as the pipe organ.

The facades incorporate the audio system, which consists of 36.3 channels with 45 loudspeakers. The 3 sub-loudspeakers result in an impressive reproduction of the many 16 and 32 foot stops.

With 4 manuals and 72 stops, there is plenty of choice for making both services as well as concerts very interesting indeed. For more videos please check