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Musical contribution - August 2016

bladmuziek met potlood

Allegro: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi 4 March 1678 - 28 July 1741

We have already received e-mails asking when we would publish the third part of the Vivaldi Concerto. And here it is. We deliberately chose to publish it in the summer. The Adagio that we published in September 2014 had an autumnal feel, while the Allegro we published in May 2015 was a spring classic. This third part, another allegro, has a summery character.

From 1705, Vivaldi was no longer obliged to take mass because of his asthma. Other sources say that he was no longer required to take mass because if he had inspiration for a new piece, he would take notes during mass. Either way, his legacy is immense and we are extremely grateful.

In terms of registration, it’s advisable to register the third part a little more strongly than the first part. Possibly with a small Mixture. The “solo” parts can also be given a more emphatic treatment. If you used flutes 8 and 2 in part 1, you could now possibly use a principal 8 and octave 2. But there are many other options possible.

We will not be revisiting Vivaldi again for the time being. Not because we are tired of his music, but 3 Vivaldi pieces in 2 years seems like enough to me. Although you might be waiting for the final season: winter. In that case...

Warm summer greetings,

André van Vliet