Sheet music

Musical contribution - July 2012

bladmuziek met potlood

A Twilight Reverie (Paul Dupont) – This may well be something which has happened to you in the past too: a beautiful summer’s evening, a sunset, twilight separates the day coming to an end and the night just ahead of us and you are just day-dreaming a little. Perhaps in front of your tent or caravan. Or maybe after a hard day’s work whilst sitting in the back garden with a good glass of wine. I would imagine this is probably how this month’s piece was created. A Twilight Reverie.

I know very little about the composer. I haven’t come across his name as a composer. I can’t imagine this is an original organ piece. But everyone will undoubtedly agree we are dealing with a beautiful melody here.

Whilst playing, I get the impression the piece was written for the violin and piano. The “espressione” in the melody by a violinist together with the moving piano accompaniment. We can soon identify the ABA form:

  • 1-16 A

  • 17-32 B

  • 33-51 A (3 times 16 bars. The 3rd time with the addition of 3 bars 46-48)

Bars 52 to 56 seem like a piano solo, in order to subsequently play another 8 bars together with the violin towards the final chord.

The prescribed registration for this organ arrangement only indicated 8’ stops. I abided by this during the recording, given the high elevation and vocal harmonies in the melody. You will only hear a flute 8’ in bars 52 to 56 (the so-called piano solo).

Many listeners will be able to identify with the title if you dare to surrender to the prescribed rubato tempo changes.

Wishing you some beautiful summer evenings.

André van Vliet