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Musical Contribution – July 2020

bladmuziek met potlood

Psalm 8 prelude and chorale                                                                            Arie van der Vlist (Born in 1980)

(LiVE sample set: Utrecht, Bätz)

With some regularity, we include a Psalm arrangement among our Musical Contributions. Last year, Arie van der Vlist published an Organ Book with preludes for all 150 Psalms – a wonderful initiative by this creative organist. To introduce you to what this book has to offer, we’re highlighting the prelude to the 8th Psalm. Given the text of the Psalm, Arie has chosen to combine the theme of “Die Himmel erzählen” from “Die Schöpfung” by J. Haydn with the Psalm melody.

The leading stop can be played with a Trumpet, Cornet or Sesquialtera as you see fit, while the accompaniment sings along happily with an 8, 4, (3), 2 registration. You could also choose to add a soft Reed.

If you find the full prelude too long, you can shorten it by:          jumping from bar 20 to 52, and                                           from bar 67 to the closing bar.

Finally, I’d like to refer you to Arie’s website where you can find more publications by this likeable organist.

Warm regards,

André van Vliet