Sheet music

Musical contribution – July 2022

bladmuziek met potlood

Gavotte                                                                                                                 Samuel Wesley (1766-1837)

(LiVE Sample Set: Amsterdam, Vater-Müller)

In June 2017, the “Air” by this English organist/composer Samuel Wesley stood on the music desk. At the time, we wrote that this “Air” was often combined with another dance, and this lighthearted piece is the one we are featuring this month. Together they are a much-requested duo. Incidentally, they both come from a larger series of “12 short pieces”.

The Gavotte is written for two manuals, with the Great being forte and the Choir being mezzo forte. For the repetition, registering both manuals a little more strongly gives a pleasing effect.

After the repetition, it’s nice to play the left hand on a third manual along with a reed, for example. This isn’t strictly necessary, but it does add extra color. If you do not have a third manual, you can perhaps use the setzer to quickly prepare another registration. The final eight bars can then be played forte again (as in the beginning) on the Great.