New installations

A beautiful installation: Monarke Belgrade

het altaar van een kerk met rood tapijt en een witte boog boven het altaar

A team of Monarke specialists has installed a Monarke Präludium in the Adventisticka church in Belgrade at the end of June.

The church has seating for 800 people and had a 50 year old Hammond organ which needed replacing.

The new Monarke organ with pull registers has 3 keyboards, 36 stops and 29 amplifiers. There are 3 loudspeaker pillars with an impressive 36 loudspeakers on both sides of the arc (see photograph).

The two subwoofers result in a perfect sound reproduction of the bass tones. Two cables, each with 30 cores, run from the organ to the top and are split into 6 separate cables. The wiring has been concealed in the wall.