A beautiful installation: Monarke Oslo

A team of Johannus specialists recently installed an imposing Monarke custom design organ in the Nordberg Kirke in Oslo, Norway.

This beautiful instrument has 3 wooden manuals, 41 stops (50 ranks), 7 orchestral voices and a 24.2 audio system.

To match the rich sound of the pipe organ Monarke only works with its own recordings of the most beautiful historic organs. Each pipe, each stop, each stop… everything is recorded separately with the greatest attention to detail. The natural imperfections that give the organ its exquisite timbre are also included in the recording. Monarke’s specialist sound engineers then combine the perfect digitised organ recordings to create the desired stoplist.

Nordberg kirke, Oslo is located in the Nordberg parish in Vestre Aker. The church has 620 seats and was built in 1962.