New installations

A beautiful installation: Monarke St Petersburg

In January of this year a team of Johannus employees installed a Monarke Präludium, with a loudspeaker facade especially designed for the building, in the beautiful ‘Smolny Cathedral’ concert building in St Petersburg, Russia.

The Monarke Präludium has 47 voices, 62 ranks and a 24.2 audio system. The facade is suspended at a height of 32 meters. The Smolny Cathedral, or rather the Resurrection Cathedral, is one of the most beautiful buildings in St Petersburg. This 83 meter high cruciform church in blue, white and gold was built by Bartelomeo Rastrelli by order of Tsarina Elizabeth. The building became the Bolshevik head quarters after the Russian Revolution. Nowadays the building plays host to classical concerts (choir, organ, orchestra). The concert building has a seating capacity of 800.