New installations

An exemplary installation: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Grote hoge kerk met donkerbruin orgel van Johannus

At the end of January, a brand new Johannus WM-47 organ was installed in a beautiful church in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The installed Johannus WM-47 is a 2 manual organ with illuminated tabs. The organ has 45 stops and a 7 channel audio system with external loudspeakers.

A high quality subwoofer has been used for the low tones, which can reproduce the deepest bass tones. The medium and high range is reproduced by the multitude of speakers. This combination has resulted in the biggest possible range of the pipe organ sound in the church.

The WM-47 includes four sample banks with unique stops. In addition to Romantic, Symphonic and Baroque, the WM-47 also includes a fourth sample bank with Historic recordings.

One of Johannus’ tuners has worked on the post intonation in the church in Abu Dhabi.