Are you ready for the new ONE?

One keyboard, five organs, eighty stops and the world famous Johannus sound, all packed into one handy, portable organ keyboard. With the Johannus ONE, it's no longer the organ that determines the sound of the music; from now on, you're the one in control.


The Johannus ONE is the first keyboard in the world that feels like an organ, plays like an organ and sounds like an organ. And those are three things that you find important. We know this because we’ve listened carefully to what you’ve been saying over the last fifty years. When you play the organ, it should look like you are, feel like you are and sound like you are.  


You could say that with the ONE, we’re adding a new chapter to the musical tradition at Johannus. Centuries after the introduction of the pipe organ, the arrival of the electronic organ last century suddenly made it possible to play the instrument at home, and now the ONE goes a step further. The church, the living room, the auditorium, the concert hall and the school: wherever you are, the ONE is there too. You can take it anywhere. 


The call for a portable digital organ has been growing more insistent in recent years.‘No space in the living room.’‘I want to be able to rehearse with my choir in more than one place.’ ‘The organ in a standard keyboard doesn’t sound like an organ at all.’‘In our church, we want to be able to provide organ accompaniment but also with piano and solo stops.’ We’ve taken these comments very seriously. After years of research and development, our answer is the ONE: compact, portable and equipped with a sound quality that conforms to the high standards at Johannus. 

Are you ready? Just play that ONE.