Customer Testimonial: A whole different ball game

Retirement approached along with Grade VIII as well! After 5 very happy years with my previous organ, it was time to upgrade to three manuals. I tried various possibilities at Church Organ World in Mixbury, UK.

"A whole different ball game."

Even a short inspection of the Johannus LiVE III suggested it would provide a great replacement and upgrade. On my third visit I took my teacher (Director of Music at a Cambridge College) with me to try it. Using non-technical language; “This organ”, he exclaimed, “is a whole different ball game!”

My LiVE III arrived three months ago and has brought me endless interest and pleasure. I can play Buxtehude as if on a Schnitger organ, Bach on a Silbermann, Mendelssohn on a Dutch Maarschalkerweerd, Franck on a Cavaille-Coll, and Parry on Forster & Andrews. The five samples are distinctive, equally realistic and convincing from thrilling 32-foot reeds and flues to ringing upperwork; each is a whole different sound-world transporting me between different musical schools and eras at the press of a switch. Getting to know 5 organs has been a fascinating experience.

A further and important welcome feature of the LiVE III for me is the exceptional crisp quality of its key-action. The touch is excellent and has (according to my teacher) brought about a step-change in my articulation of Baroque music.

The approachability and helpfulness of Church Organ World personnel in making the choice, installation and servicing has been second to none. All concerned have been a pleasure to deal with, not to mention wonderfully patient. The whole experience has been excellent.

I have had hours of delight from my Johannus LiVE III and would commend it strongly to anyone looking for a 3-manual digital organ for their home.

Mr. Cross, Radlett, United Kingdom