Ecclesia T-250 for St. Michael's Mission House, Steyl, the Netherlands

Overlooking the River Meuse in the Dutch village of Steyl, near Venlo, stands the impressive building of St. Michael's Mission House.

This week our Johannus team installed a two-manual Ecclesia T-250 with 34 stops and 2 custom loudspeaker facades in this beautiful premises.

Something extraordinary began here in 1875, a work founded by Father Arnold Janssen that was to spread out over the whole world: the Steyl Mission Congregations.

Today ten thousand missionaries: priests, brothers, missionary and adoration sisters in more than sixty countries belong to the Steyl Congregations.

Visitors to the Mission Museum of Steyl will discover a unique gallery of artistic and cultural exhibits, as well as a natural history section with items from all over the world.

St. Michael's surroundings, including a park, the banks of the Meuse and churches invite a longer stay. Courses and seminars, quiet, recollection and hospitality all offered by St. Michael's.