Meet the Johannus family

According to the Chamber of Commerce, we are officially a company, but we prefer to speak of ourselves as a family: the Johannus family. But how are the family members related? Let us introduce ourselves.

The official history of the Johannus family goes back to the 1960s, when the organ builder was founded in Ede and quickly grew to become a major family-owned business.

Organs for church and home

The growth of the Johannus family can be attributed in part to the development and production of a successful series of classical organs for use in churches or at home. These digital organs feature high-tech design and unique sound quality.

Focus on the organist

As their name suggests, home organs were built for home use. Their internal speakers and tweeters focus the sound entirely on the organist behind the keyboard. These organs offer a diverse array of stops and four different styles to choose from, giving the organist countless options for playing a wide range of organ music.

Focus on the congregation

In contrast to the home organs, church organs are built more with the congregation or audience in mind than the organist. In this setting, the people in the church should be able to hear the best sound. With that in mind, church organs are equipped with multiple amplifiers and external loudspeakers. This allows us to build a solution for churches and concert halls of any size.

Authentic instruments

Thanks to their individual characteristics, the various instruments in the Johannus family always offer any organist a convincingly authentic experience. The home organ line includes the Studio, which has persuaded many beginning organists of its virtues. It is accompanied by the Opus, a smart combination of contemporary design, sophisticated sound and innovative technologies, which may be the reason it has been Johannus’ best-selling organ for the past forty years. The Vivaldi astonishes many organists with how well its convolution reverb mimics the vastness of a physical space. The Rembrandt, with its 65 stops and beautiful drawknobs, is the ultimate organ for the demanding player. 

Proven persuasiveness

Johannus’ church organs have also repeatedly proven their persuasiveness in a wide range of settings. The church organ line includes the Ecclesia, a popular basic church organ with enough power to accompany congregational singing. But for churches that would rather have an organ built to meet their specific requirements, Johannus offers the custom-built Monarke series. Churches that already have a pipe organ and would like to combine their historic instrument with a digital church organ will be delighted by Johannus’ hybrid option: Hybrid Organ Solutions: the ultimate integration of a digital organ and a pipe organ.

Musical solutions to meet every need

In conclusion: the Johannus family offers an appropriate and appealing musical solution for every need. Johannus carries home organs for organ enthusiasts and professionals, as well as church organs for church and concert organists. 

And that is the Johannus family

All of the organists, organ aficionados, Johannus dealers and employees together form the Johannus family. We are a proud family, because we share something beautiful: the Johannus feeling. One person designs and builds the organs, another sells them and a third person plays them, but we all share a passion for the unique experience we know as Johannus. We are a global family: wherever we go, we find a Johannus organ with a proud organist.

The Johannus family is also a close-knit family: we meet one another at open door days, trade fairs, tours, recitals, meetings and at Christmas and Summer Night Concerts. We maintain contact via our website, Facebook, Twitter, our YouTube channel and the Johannus newsletter.

How to join the family

Would you like to join the Johannus family? Simply like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join us on YouTube or sign up for our newsletter! Welcome to the Johannus family!