Hybrid organ sweeps across the globe

The hybrid organ is gaining ground. All across the globe, Johannus is seeing a dramatic increase in interest for the hybrid organ, an instrument that is a pipe organ and digital organ in one.

An increasing percentage of Johannus sales figures can be attributed to the growing interested in Hybrid Organ Solutions. Orders for the hybrid organ are flowing in from all over the world.

Digital organ and pipe organ in one

Johannus Hybrid Organ Solutions is an option that has particular appeal for churches that already have a pipe organ in place. These church organs may need extra stops, the console may need to be replaced, or some combination of the two. Incorporating digital stops into the pipe organ, and even adding a digital console in some cases, results in an appealing combination of romantic beauty and technical excellence. The nostalgia of the pipe organ is preserved, but the addition of digital components gives the instrument a new dimension with unparalleled additional options.

Financial advantage

Churches are increasingly opting for Hybrid Organ Solutions from Johannus, not least due to financial considerations. Digital stops and a digital console are more affordable to buy and maintain than traditional restoration or expansion projects. Other advantages include the fact that digital stops stay truer to tone and are unaffected by fluctuating temperatures in the church building. The organ can also be enriched by adding piano, trumpet or orchestral sounds. The digital components in the organ are easy to update and can be replaced at relatively reasonable rates.

Worldwide requests

We have already completed dozens of projects all over the world with Johannus Hybrid Organ Solutions. We supplied Hybrid Organ Solutions for churches, concert halls, schools and other clients across the globe, such as the prestigious Mfantsipim Senior High School in Cape Coast (Ghana), Christ the Light of the World Catholic Church in Duquesne (PA, USA), Saint Ambrose Catholic Church in Godfrey (IL, USA), Mary Queen Catholic Church in Friendswood (TX, USA), Wallonisch-Niederländische Gemeinde in Hanau (Germany), and Sint-Eligiuskerk in Westouter (Belgium).