New installations

Installation of the month: Monarke Belgium

De pijpen van een kerkorgel in een kerk. Ze zijn omringd door donker hout in een lichte kerk waarvan het balkon ook van donker hout is.

A beautiful Monarke Präludium was installed in the Sint-Stefanuskerk (Church) in Hoeselt (Belgium) in March 2011.

The organ has a 24.2 audio system and boasts 25 voices. The loudspeakers are positioned behind the existing pipe organ’s pipes. The amplifier cabinet is situated in the ³Hoogzaal² next to the pipe organ and is controlled via the midi.

The console is positioned on a stage and can be moved from the front to the back of the church. A monitor box has been mounted to the rear of the organ, which can be used to alter the volume to support the church choir. The main front can also be switched off.