16 December: livestream Johannus Christmas Concert

On December 16, 2021 at 20.00h (Central European Time), we will livestream an impressive Christmas Concert on our YouTube channel. The concert will take place in the beautiful Feike Asma concert hall in our headquarters in Ede, the Netherlands.

As the Christmas Concert will be shared via a YouTube livestream, you can enjoy the music from the comfort of your own living room. The music will be performed by André van Vliet, who will be playing on our Monarke organ, Jan Lenselink (grand piano), Arjan and Edith Post (trumpet), Mark Wester (percussion) and the “Celebration Choir” (vocals).

We are pleased to invite you to enjoy our Christmas Concert, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel: We will also share the link through this website and our social media channels.


* to make sure everyone can enjoy the concert – it will remain online after the livestream.