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Johannus launches three new models in the Ecclesia church organ series

Johannus is proud to present three new models in the globally renowned Ecclesia church organ series. “We have implemented groundbreaking innovations in these new models,” says Managing Director Marco van de Weerd. “You could say that the technological heart of these organs has been thoroughly upgraded.”

Ecclesia organs have already been played for years in concert halls, churches, theaters, conservatories, schools and other large venues all around the world. The models are firm favorites thanks to their powerful capacity, unadulterated Johannus sound, and the numerous options in terms of registration and sound and reverb adaptation. “They are excellent for accompanying congregational singing, choir rehearsals and concerts,” says Director Van de Weerd. “The new models intensify the musical experience even more.”

The new models

The new models are as follows: the T-255 (2 manuals, 35 stops with illuminated stop tabs, 6.1 audio system), T-355 (3 manuals, 43 stops with illuminated stop tabs, 8.2 audio system) and D-455 (3 manuals, 56 stops with illuminated drawknob, 12.2 audio system). The three new models join the Choir and the T-150 in the Ecclesia series.

New dimensions in quality

The three new Ecclesia models add a whole new dimension to the quality of the musical experience. “The organs are designed to be completely true to their pipe organ forebears,” explains Van de Weerd. “That starts with the pipe organ recordings. Our pioneering Real-time Sampling technique enables us to record world-famous pipe organs, key by key in their own environment. Their authenticity then comes through perfectly in the Ecclesia organs. The use of advanced technologies such as the Dynamic Bellows Simulator, LiveTune™ and Chiff Dynamics only serves to reinforce this experience. The result is an organ that blends perfectly into its space and behaves like a true pipe organ.”

Huge boost

The groundbreaking DS Core, which is a standard feature of the new models, has enabled a great leap forward in the quality of the samples. In addition, the technology ensures that the organs always start up smoothly, can be played right away and can switch between organ styles just as rapidly. “It’s really given the technological heart of the new models a huge boost,” says Van de Weerd. “Someone purchasing a new Ecclesia model can choose from among three different stoplists, each offering a host of registration options. DS Core ensures that all of these different stops yield a sound of unprecedented quality. This makes playing an Ecclesia organ an incredibly inspiring and authentic experience.”

Bringing historical organ works to life

The new Ecclesia models always come with two sample styles of your choice, and this can be expanded to include up to six different styles from among the Romantic (Dutch and English), Baroque (North German and South German) and Symphonic (French and American). Van de Weerd: “This means that Ecclesia organs can offer you sophisticated options when it comes to performing organ works from any period.”

A rich, balanced and powerful whole

The revolutionary state-of-the-art Ecclesia audio system guarantees a powerful sound, says Van de Weerd. “The stops are distributed across the multi-channel system so that they can augment each other in the space. Whether you are playing in a cathedral, a concert hall or a theater, the true-to-life pipe organ sounds will fill every corner of the venue. The Ecclesia series comes with high-quality amplifiers and loudspeakers, as well as an impressive bass, so that the build-up from foundation stops to overtones forms a rich, balanced and powerful sound.” 

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