Monarke Cavaillé Coll for the Trinity Church in Kristianstad, Sweden

De toetsen en registers van een donker kerkorgel

Our Monarke team recently built a beautiful custom design organ in Cavaillé Coll style for the Trinity Church in Kristianstad, Sweden.

The organ has 3 manuals, a well-balanced stoplist (50 stops and 64 ranks) and a 26.3 audio system. 

Trinity Church (Swedish: Heliga Trefaldighetskyrkan, Church of Holy Trinity ) is a religious building in Kristianstad, Sweden, built between 1617 and 1628 by Christian IV of Denmark. The church's large size and style reveal the king's ambitions for his new city.

Designed by the Flemish-Danish architect, Lorenz van Steenwinckel, the grandiose building is widely considered by many to be Scandinavia's finest Renaissance church. Its extensive nave is able to accommodate congregations of up to 1,400. Like many Danish churches of the times, it is built of red brick. But this church is decorated with many sandstone statues and ornaments, including several monograms of Christian IV, testifying to his involvement.

The well-preserved interior is decked with star-shaped cross vaults, supported by pillars of granite. Trinity Church has been little altered since it was built. The main addition is its 59-meter-tall tower constructed in 1865. The church is pleasantly and abundantly illuminated thanks to its 26 tall windows.

We recorded a beautiful music piece in the church: Suite Gothique, Introduction Choral by Léon Boëllman. Listen to it here.