Monarke Ripieno for the Førde kyrkje, Norway

A Monarke Ripieno portative organ was installed in the Førde kyrkje in Norway. This one-manual organ has 6 stops and a 4.1 audio system. The Ripieno portative is constructed simply in order to make it as portable as possible.

Førde Church (Norwegian: Førde kyrkje) is the main parish church in Førde Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. It is located in the town of Førde. The church is part of the Førde parish in the Sunnfjord deanery in the Diocese of Bjørgvin. 

The white, wooden church was built in 1885 using designs by the architect Jacob Wilhelm Nordan. 

The church, that seats about 600 people, was consecrated on 1 October 1885 by the Bishop Fredrik Waldemar Hvoslef. The church today dates back to 1885, but in this very place there have been churches as far back as to the 1100s.