#neverwalkalone2020 – Compilation Video

On Friday March 20, the song You’ll Never Walk Alone was played simultaneously on radio stations in over 30 countries. To provide hope and strength to everyone that was affected by the Corona virus.

The Global Organ Group, to which Johannus belongs, strongly supported this initiative and wanted to contribute to it. That is why our CEO, Marco van de Weerd, challenged organists all over the world to publish a video of their own interpretation on the theme You’ll Never Walk Alone. The organists were also asked to nominate at least three others to do the same.

Countless organists from all over the world responded to this challenge and showed their support. Their heartwarming videos were seen and heard all over the world, providing hope and strength to those affected by the coronavirus.

We have created a compilation video to spread their message of support once again. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include every video, but make sure to search Facebook for #neverwalkalone2020 to find more.

#neverwalkalone2020 – Compilation Video

We would like to thank all organists (and other musicians) for responding to the challenge, and we hope you will enjoy this video.