New concert organ in the Feike Asma Hall

We are building a new concert organ!
The Feike Asma Hall is going to be home to a brand new Monarke concert organ: the Sound of Excellence.

To accompany the construction of our new concert organ, we are releasing a total of 9 videos over the course of 4 weeks to show you the process of creating this new organ.

In the summer, we’ll organize our well-known summer concerts in which the new organ will be presented to the public. Tune in to discover more about the different stages of the instrument’s construction, including its design, manufacture, audio system, and installation.

The first video, explaining the idea and concept behind the new concert organ, is already available on the page linked below.

We look forward to welcoming this new concert organ with you!

If you are curious and wish to discover more about the development of our new concert organ, go to Introduction concert organ | Johannus