New: Symphonica 450

Having received numerous requests from organists all over the world, Johannus is proud to present the brand-new Symphonica 450, another exquisite addition to its range of terraced consoles.

The instrument is without a doubt the most colorful home organ ever created by Johannus in its long and distinguished history. On the organ’s exterior, the console, with its slightly curved flanks, gives the organist the impression that they are seated at the console of a large pipe organ.

The organ’s deep and rich sound also contributes to the “pipe organ” experience. The broad range of sounds that find their way to the listener via multiple amplifiers and loudspeakers give the organ an unparalleled tone quality.

The bass speaker, installed in a separate chamber in the organ, gives a deep, sonorous tone to the Resultant Bass 32’, creating a true-to-life sound. The tweeters under the music desk also give you the feeling that you are in direct contact with the organ, while the side speakers feature the perfect acoustics for your living room.

Organists can choose from four different organ styles – Romantic, Baroque, Historic and Symphonic – and, thanks to its revolutionary, LIVEreverb technology, from authentic acoustic environments from no fewer than 12 European performance spaces.

Thanks to our integrated Adaptive Ambiance™, you can even choose your own seat in the church. Would you like to hear the sounds in detail, as you would experience it from the organ bench? Or would you prefer to sit in the back pew, where the acoustic environment is blended to perfection? With a press of the button, you can move around the church while you play.

As you can see, the new Symphonica 450 brings the pipe organ with its many colors right into your living room. Click here for more information.