Johannus, Product introductions

Overview of the Hymn Arrangements

It is my pleasure to present the hymn settings commissioned by Johannus. From my perspective, hymn playing is without question the most important skill for organists to master.

Because I have been asked so many times to reconstruct my live hymn improvisations—and because that process would require an enormous amount of time, I composed twelve hymn settings of moderate difficulty. Obviously, some organists will be able to read these “at sight”, while others may find that they must spend a bit of time learning the arrangements.

These hymns are mostly familiar to organists in the United States, but many will also be recognized by others throughout the globe. I have no pretense that these are anything but helpful resources for organists and church musicians. In addition to that, choosing one or two for a recital program can display the tonal palette of the instrument itself, and I have personally found them to be very “audience friendly”!

J David Hart
Fellow, American Guild of Organists