Proudly introducing: The familiar Opus with a brand new sound!

Meet the new Opus series! A closer look to the Opus 360

We are very proud to introduce our brand new Opus series. The Opus is a beloved classic in de Johannus family. We renewed the Opus with a brand new sound and look.

The Opus is a beloved organ in the Johannus family. A classic that we love to keep in our family. You may have already listened to a taste of the new sound. But now, we can tell you all the details.

With its compact, wooden console, the renewed Opus has a completely new sound and look. Equipped with a 4.1 audio system and a style-variable disposition with pipe organ voices from famous churches, the Opus offers you a wonderful sound experience and hours of playing pleasure....

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the new Opus? Harm Hoeve tells you everything about the new Opus in the introduction video, in which he explains all the innovations and highlights of this organ.

In the coming weeks we will share with you several music videos highlighting the different sampling styles of the organ. Have you become curious about more? Keep an eye on the website!

We look forward to welcoming you and discovering the renewed Opus together!

Discover the Opus series!

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