Yes, the ONE is a portable digital organ. But there's more

The ONE is a portable digital organ with the world famous Johannus sound quality.

Conceived with the organist in mind

Unlike a regular keyboard, the Johannus ONE has been conceived and developed from the perspective of the organist. Specifically, this means that the basis of the instrument is an organ. This is very clear to see from the sixteen tab stops each representing five stops. This means that the ONE has no less than 80 unique stops, which becomes noticeable when you begin to play. The 76 touch sensitive keys give you the feeling that you’re playing a real organ. It’s audible at the same time too: you aren’t playing a mainstream keyboard, but a real organ with authentic pipe organ sounds. Seven pre-programmed reverbs and an adjustable reverb volume make the experience complete.


In addition to the organ stops, the ONE is equipped with a number of quality solo and orchestral stops, including strings, a flute, a violin, a piano, a harp, a harpsichord and a trumpet. These stops can be used separately or in combination with organ stops.


The ONE consists physically of a single keyboard, but the manual is easy to divide into two keyboards and a pedal board. This makes the instrument unique: in fact, you’re playing a complete organ. You play manual 1 to the right of the central C, and manual 2 to the left of the central C.


Above each of the sixteen tab stops are listed the names of four other stops. The stop you register depends on the style you choose: American, English, French, German or the integrated disposition. So, in the standard disposition, the Viola di Gamba 8’ is a Salicional 8’ in the French style, and a Flute 4’ is a Quint 2 2/3 in the German style.     


Would you like to record your own playing? You can do that with the ONE! With an easily operated recording function, you can listen to your best pieces as often as you like. It’s also possible to play along with an existing recording. This allows you to build up your composition layer by layer!

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