LiVE 3P - Firmware Version 1.42 is now available!

Check your organ's software version by looking in the menu of your LiVE 3P.

Menu > System Settings > Version

If your software is not up-to-date, enter your order number at the bottom of the page to download the latest version.


Update instruction

Unzip (extract) the downloaded "fw.zip" file and copy the firmware files "jho.uc3" and "fw.bin" to a memory stick.

Plug the memory stick containing the firmware files into the USB portal at the front of your LiVE 3P.

Navigate to Menu > System Settings > Version > Update organ and confirm by pressing 'enter'.

Select 'yes' and confirm by pressing 'enter'.

Wait until the new software has been installed. Your organ will restart itself.

Download firmware

Enter the order number and download the latest firmware.

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