Ecclesia D-570 for St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church

Published on 02 May 2014

Ecclesia D-570 for St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church

This week we received a beautiful testimonial from Mr. F. Foppiano, Organist-Choirmaster of the St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church (SSPX), Kansas City, MO.

Kansas City (MO), March 21, 2014.

I wish to thank the Johannus Organ Company from the bottom of my heart! 

Our magnificent new custom Johannus Organ far exceeds anything we ever expected in quality and sound. I cannot thank the factory staff in Ede or Mr. Preston Smith of Johannus Organs, Burlington, NC enough for all they did in making a long-held dream for St. Vincent's and for me personally finally come true. 

Because of Mr. Smith alone the instrument, tailored for our space, our music and Liturgy with the traditional Latin Mass, came alive from the very first concepts where some pipe organ builders or even other digital organ builders failed to listen or understand what was needed and what was truly possible here, especially due to serious lack of physical space and funding for an instrument large enough and powerful enough to fill a space this vast. 

This instrument is truly a Cathedral Organ in every single regard with a grandeur of tone, a majesty of power and a sumptuously appointed console that is seldom seen in church organs. 

It is my sincere hope and goal that this instrument will be not only a showcase organ for St. Vincent's and the Johannus Organ Company but also a "pilgrimage" organ for those who still think pipes are the only way to go. 

I assure you that is not the case here. I can say with all certainty that this instrument feels, reacts and sounds like a fine pipe organ in a magnificent and cavernous space. 

Our door at St. Vincent's is always open for anyone to experience this technological and sonic marvel of exquisite organ building first hand and I say this as a lifelong student and disciple of the instrument: the sheer all-around quality this beautiful Johannus Organ simply has to be seen and heard in person to be believed...though I have already used the term, it is nothing short of magnificent. 

Thanks to all of you under the Johannus name, again, and Deo gratias! Soli Deo gloria! 

Most sincerely yours, 

Scott F. Foppiano 
Organist-Choirmaster, St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church (SSPX), Kansas City, MO