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Musical contribution – September 2022

bladmuziek met potlood

Vater unser                                                                                                                      Georg Böhm (1661-1733)

(LiVE Sample Set: Norden, Schnitger)

The music composed by this North German maestro is a fine example of High Baroque. After receiving musical instruction from his father from a young age, Georg Böhm studied with the Hamburg organist J.A. Reincken. Although the claim is not without controversy, Böhm very likely taught Johann Sebastian Bach at the Gymnasium (grammar school) in the town of Lüneburg in northern Germany. Either way, both the music and the personality of Georg Böhm were clearly an influence on the young Bach.

The Lünenburg-based organist left behind a modest but interesting body of work, consisting of ten Partitas and ten chorale preludes, plus a handful of non-commissioned works.

This month’s arrangement of Our Father has a richly embellished melody – so rich, in fact, that the actual tune sometimes gets drowned out. Still, all this richness only serves to amplify the piece’s message.

A lovely and tranquil pace is essential – led by the continuous eighth movement in the pedalboard. We play this melody with a leading stop, which may include:

  • 8’, 4’, 3’

  • Vox Humana

  • Sexquialtera

Try adding a tremulant for an even richer effect.

Warm regards,

André van Vliet