The Studio, one of the most successful organs in the Johannus family, is a complete, accessible and affordable organ that produces the world-famous Johannus sound. The Studio 150 and 350 bring organs within reach for both novice and professional organists.

Complete organ

The Studio is a complete organ that, like all other Johannus organs, produces a sound of the highest quality. We never compromise when it comes to our renowned sound; it’s a matter of principle. The sound, the intonation, the reverb: they all have to be perfect.

Accessible to everyone

Nevertheless, the Studio is a very accessible and affordable instrument. We designed this organ, because we believe it should be accessible to everyone. For professional organists who practice and study every day, but also for amateur organists who are just getting their first lessons. The name says it all; the Studio is a real study organ. Whether you are looking to practice or to prepare yourself for accompanying the congregational singing in a worship ser vice: this organ will be your loyal friend.

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