New: Johannus Studio P-150 & P-350

Our Studio organs have become a household name in a short period of time. Perfect study organs at an attractive price. Time for a positive version: time for the Studio P-150 and P-350!

Equipped with a high-quality audio system, the new P-150 and P-350 are a perfect choice for both novice and advanced organists with high audio quality demands. These positive versions of our Studio organs provide you an impressive and realistic pipe organ experience.

The organs have a sleek, tall cabinet, similar to that of positive and balustrade organs which are commonly seen in the Netherlands. And with their elegant drawknobs, it's hardly a leap of the imagination to envision yourself at the manuals of historic pipe organs in beautiful churches and cathedrals.

The positive Studio organs have speakers in the upper side of the console, which distribute the sounds directly towards the organist's ears. This ensures a natural, high-quality audio experience.

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