An affordable and durable alternative

The combination organ, as the name indicates, is a combined pipe and digital organ. This might entail, for example, replacing an outdated console with a digital one (often at a lower price). Adding extra digital stops to the pipe organ stoplist is also an option. Adding digital components or using them to replace outdated components is an affordable and durable alternative.

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Why do churches opt for a hybrid organ?

Churches may consider purchasing a hybrid organ for a variety of reasons. The following list outlines the most common considerations.

  • Ultimate combination
  • Restoration regret
  • Updated liturgy
  • Lack of space in the organ cabinet
  • Shrinking budget

Ultimate combination

The main reason to opt for a hybrid organ is generally due to the ultimate combination offered by the digital and pipe organ hybrid. People are reluctant to give up the romantic atmosphere of the pipe organ. And we understand that. Hybrid Organ Solutions retains every last fiber of the authentic qualities of the pipe organ. But a digital console or digital stops add an extra dimension to the pipe organ. Romantic atmosphere and technological progress co-exist in harmony here.

Restoration regret

Another reason could be if a church has had less than positive memories of the pipe organ’s last round of restorations. Restorations are often accompanied by permanent minor damage to pipes, unfortunately. Hybrid Organ Solutions circumvents that problem by keeping the organ completely intact.

Updated liturgy

A third cause is that in some churches the liturgy – or, more specifically, the singing – has evolved over the years to the extent that the original organ is no longer well suited to the congregation’s current needs. Perhaps new and relatively unfamiliar songs are being introduced. New melodies require a strong leading stop to guide the singers, and perhaps the organ is missing just that. In such cases, adding a number of digital stops and possibly a new console may offer a solution.

Lack of space in the organ cabinet

The fourth reason is lack of sufficient space: new stops are needed, but the current organ cabinet does not have enough room to accommodate extra pipes. Not a problem if you add digital stops, since they don’t take up as much space!

Shrinking budget

The last reason is budgetary in nature. In some churches, the budget for organ maintenance and repairs may have shrunk in recent years. However, an outdated console or an organ that lacks the power to reach every corner of the room demands a solution. Hybrid Organ Solutions provides the answer. Relatively attractive rates make for considerable savings on both purchase and maintenance.

The four solutions offered by Hybrid Organ Solutions

Hybrid Organ Solutions offers four overall solutions. These options can be combined in a number of ways to suit different needs.

  1. Integrating a digital console into a pipe organ.
  2. Adding digital stops to a pipe organ.
  3. A combination of console and stops.
  4. A new hybrid organ that Johannus creates in collaboration with renowned pipe organ builders.

The three advantages of Hybrid Organ Solutions

Hybrid Organ Solutions offers three important advantages for a pipe organ.

  • Quality
  • Financial
  • Technological


The convergence of the best qualities of two organs in a single new instrument always means better quality. For instance, a historic pipe organ could be equipped with a robust digital console that will last for ages. Or a pipe organ dating back centuries could be enhanced to include new digital stops. New registration options open up before you; there are new possibilities for playing, for harmonies. A new organ, in essence.


Replacing pipe organ manuals with a digital console is far cheaper than restoring or adding to a pipe organ using traditional methods. The same holds true for digital stops. Hybrid Organ Solutions can add digital stops to a pipe organ for relatively low prices.


If a pipe organ is equipped with a digital console, the organist has the option of recording what they play and listening to it again later. There are also various other technological innovations available for upgrading a pipe organ.

Hybrid Organ Solutions is actually a collective title for four specific hybrid solutions. The solution chosen depends on the specific circumstances and wishes.

Adding a digital console to a pipe organ

Perhaps the console of an electro-pneumatic pipe organ is due for replacement, or adding a positive seems necessary. With Hybrid Organ Solutions, we can offer you a new console completely tailored to suit your organ. Completely replacing the console or adding an extra manual are both options. 

The advanced Pipe Integration Manager (PIM) technology enables a Johannus console to be seamlessly connected to the pipe organ’s pipe controls. The device works simply, can be connected to any number of pipes, and can be programmed on location. Following installation, any necessary changes are easily made.

The PIM is controlled by a file that can be modified on the computer. The computer file specifies whether a stop is speaking (pipe) or non-speaking (digital). Loading the file onto the organ by means of a USB stick means the changes take effect immediately. All digital stops can be tuned on location, note by note.

Electro-pneumatic pipe organs are particularly well-suited to the integration of a digital console using PIM technology. It’s a little more complicated for mechanical pipe organs, but we can review the options for a digital console after analyzing the mechanical pipe organ concerned.

Adding (more) digital stops to a pipe organ

Perhaps there is a need for more stops, but there is no longer enough space in the organ cabinet (and/or the budget) for additional pipes. Hybrid Organ Solutions offers various options for adding extra digital stops. Our Digital Stop Unit, for example, is a module containing the selected stops, which are heard through loudspeakers in the organ cabinet. In addition to stops for the Great and Swell divisions, we can also add pedal stops. This also gives you the option of attaching a pedalboard and having it work independently from the rest. For optimal control of the organ stops, we equip the current console with a number of additional features. The equipment needed to optimize the organ is assessed based on the individual instrument.
We also offer another option with Pipe Midi Interface, which enables the control of new pipe stops. We add drawknobs to the existing console, and these can be used to operate the pipe stops. Once the organ incorporates a combination of digital and pipe stops, this option makes it easier to play.

Adding a digital console + stops to a pipe organ

Either an existing pipe organ needs to be expanded with the addition of a manual and extra stops, or the existing manual needs replacement. With Hybrid Organ Solutions, we build a customized digital console that sends information to the Pipe Midi Interface controlling the pipes in the pipe organ. We also add stops that are controlled by the new digital console. With the help of the Pipe Midi Interface, we can also install drawknobs in the digital console to control the pipe organ stops.

If additional digital stops are desired, then the number of manuals can also be expanded. When adding an extra manual, such as a Swell or Choir, digital stops can easily be selected. The same applies to adding a pedalboard that has to operate independently. We add a number of pedal stops so that the pedalboard can be disconnected.

A complete new hybrid organ

There is no existing pipe organ, but the client would like to have a new hybrid organ built. Hybrid Organ Solutions offer every conceivable combination option when it comes to hybrid ogants. In collaboration with our consultant, a complete new hybrid organ is designed on the basis of almost unlimited options for the console, digital stops and pipe stops. 

In order to create an ultimate hybrid between a pipe organ and a digital organ, Johannus works with renowned pipe organ builders from around the world, including Germany, France, England and America.  

The six pros of Hybrid Organ Solutions

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An affordable and durable alternative

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