From Utrecht to Paris with the wave of a hand

The Johannus LiVE is a fully fledged digital organ that uses sample sets. A sample set is a USB drive containing a professional, authentic set of recordings from an actual pipe organ.

The high-quality recordings were made by audio professionals from Johannus itself. Connect the USB drive to the Johannus LiVE to upload the stoplist for your selected pipe organ. As soon as the complete file is uploaded, the pipe organ is ready to play immediately.

The organ has enough capacity to store five complete pipe organs. Practically speaking, that means that you can copy five USB drives containing full recordings into the Johannus LiVE’s memory. The major advantage of storing a full recording is that you can switch effortlessly between your selected pipe organs: fly from Paris via Dresden to Utrecht with the wave of a hand.


Ordering Sample Sets

When you purchase a Johannus LiVE, it comes with two sample sets. New pipe organ recordings can be ordered individually from your dealer.

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The sets are protected by a unique code, so they can only be used on your own organ.