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Wooden drawknobs for the ultimate organ experience

Every organist who has ever played a large pipe organ knows how it feels to be captivated by it. With its superb sound and traditional positive console, the two-manual Johannus LiVE 2P delivers the same intense experience for you in your own living room.

Li V E

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Dozens of pipe organs in your own living room

Sample sets for dozens of international pipe organs can be uploaded onto the Johannus LiVE 2P. Special sample sets have been specifically developed for this purpose. The sample sets are uploaded into the digital organ using a USB stick and are available almost immediately. Each USB stick contains the authentic, professional recordings of a specific international pipe organ.

Each sample set consists of exactly 44 stops

Unique stops from dozens of international organs are available in the Johannus LiVE 2P sample sets. A number of selected stops from the very large Johannus sample database have also been added. The result is that every sample set for the Johannus LiVE 2P contains exactly 44 stops, most of which come from the original pipe organ, the rest being supplementary stops in the spirit of and complementary to the character of the pipe organ concerned.

The organ’s drawknobs accommodate a wide variety of stops

The drawknobs of the Johannus LiVE 2P accommodate multiple stops. The stop that sounds depends on the sample set that the player activates. Or in other words, the pipe organ that they choose. For example, the Principal 8’ stop tab can represent both the Diapason 8’ of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the Notre-Dame in Paris, and the Principal 8’ of the Bätz organ in the Dom Church in Utrecht. If a certain stop does not appear in the standard stoplist for the chosen pipe organ, then stops are added that align seamlessly with the fixed LiVE 2P stoplist.

Interchangeable stops always match each other

The drawknobs list the names of the stoplist created by Johannus for the LiVE 2P. The alternative stops also concealed behind them are always closely related to them. For example, a Flute 4’ can represent an Open Flute 4’, and a Principal 8’ a Diapason 8’. Thanks to this innovative and cost-saving solution, dozens of international pipe organs can be played using one standard stoplist. This technological innovation is one of the most important features of the Johannus LiVE 2P. By choosing this solution, we have brought the pipe organ to within everyone’s reach.

From Manchester to Norden in a split second

The LiVE 2P unites dozens of iconic pipe organs with the infinite possibilities offered by the modern, digital living room organ. One moment the organist is playing the historic and impressive Hill & Sons organ of the Holy Name Church in Manchester, and the next they are transported by the touch of a button to the characteristic Schnitger organ of the Ludgeri Kirche in Norden.

Genuine Johannus sound quality

The authentic, professional recordings of international pipe organs are played according to the highest digital audio standards. A balanced 2.1 audio system gives the organist on the Johannus LiVE 2P the crème de la crème in terms of digital audio playback. With two 80 Watt full-range amplifiers and a 170 Watt bass amplifier, Johannus guarantees flawless representation of theoriginal pipe organ sounds.

The sounds of the organ blend with its surroundings

The speakers deliver the sound of the Johannus LiVE 2P at ear level in an advanced way, merging the organ sounds with the space in which the organ is located – just like the original pipe organ. This provides a natural and true-to-life sound experience. The audio system can be expanded to a 4.1 variant by adding two optional, external 80 Watt surround amplifiers.

See and hear the Johannus LiVE 2P

If one image is worth a thousand words, how much more eloquent will sound be? View and hear a recording of the Johannus LiVE 2P here.


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