Huddled close to Manchester, Stockport grew up in the sixteenth century literally under the smoke of the Industrial Revolution. Some three hundred years later, philosopher Friedrich Engels would unsubtly remark that Stockport had become one of the ‘duskiest, smokiest holes’ in the world. This changed rapidly at the end of the nineteenth century. The city shook off the residue of the revolution and built museums, heritage attractions, beautiful squares and the impressive St. George’s Church.

Featuring a 72 metre tower and seating for 1,200 people, it’s a building that you can’t fail to notice as you walk by. In the very heart of the church, close to the first stone laid in this house of God, there is an equally impressive organ. With its three keyboards and 52 stops, the organ is widely used to accompany part-singing, choirs and concerts. That continues today. The black plumes of smoke have long been dispersed by the wind, but Stockport’s music will continue to resound.

Note: depending on your Johannus LiVE model, the stoplist may differ from the original.

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