Norden is the oldest town in eastern Friesland. In the heart of the city, on what may well be the biggest market square in Germany, stands the monumental Ludgeri Kirche. Built in the Late Gothic style, this medieval church was constructed in several stages in the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth century.

This ancient house of worship holds an internationally renowned work of art. Acclaimed organ builder Arp Schnitger worked on the Baroque instrument from 1686 to 1692. With its 46 stops and three manuals, it remains the biggest organ in eastern Friesland, and the second-biggest Schnitger organ in Germany.

It is also worth mentioning the thorough restoration done by Jürgen Ahrend between 1981 and 1985. He was able to restore the 17th-century instrument to its original, tonal glory.

Note: depending on your Johannus LiVE model, the stoplist may differ from the original.

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