Soaring 112 meters into the sky above Utrecht, the Domtoren is part of the city’s cathedral. Its respectable height allows the Domtoren to attain two prestigious records: the tallest church tower in the country, and the tallest building in the city of Utrecht.

The Domkerk nestles beside this massive tower, a historic house of God whose first stones were laid in the thirteenth century. This historic church is both a place of worship for the congregation it serves and an important tourist attraction. Nearly 250,000 people find their way to the Domkerk every year.

One of the church’s appealing features is its famous Bätz organ, used for dozens of concerts every year by organists from the Netherlands and abroad.

The three-manual organ with its 49 stops is known for its beautiful tremulants and warm reverb.

Note: depending on your Johannus LiVE model, the stoplist may differ from the original.

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