It took no less than 74 years to build the largest cathedral in Great Britain, the Liverpool Cathedral. The Anglican cathedral, which is also the fifth largest in the world, was built on top of St. James’s Mount. The location of the church and its height of 101 metres make it visible for miles around.

In the south-east corner of the nearly 200 metre long church lies the Lady Chapel. This extraordinary chapel was the first part of the building consecrated for worship and services still take place in its intimate surrounds. With its much admired lanterns, beautiful stained glass and widely acclaimed acoustics, the chapel is a lovely place to come to peace, nestled in the lap of the mother church, surrounded by the sounds of the romantic chapel organ.

Note: depending on your Johannus LiVE model, the stoplist may differ from the original. This sample set is not available for the LiVE 3T(-A) and LiVE 3P.

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